RilieviLaser uses new technologies for the collection of 3D data in the form of point clouds that allow the digitization of the building stock, which can be used by professionals to proceed with modeling and design starting from precise information. in Autocad 3D and / or Revit allow professionals to produce BIM (Building Information Modeling) models with a high level of precision, and, with the use of specific software, to transform the collected data into DSM or DTM and geo-referenced orthophotos. The internal and external survey of entire buildings in 3D is essential for the design and control of the buildings, but also for the buildings to be built and above all for the maintenance of civil and industrial works. The detailed knowledge of any structure, a facade or a site, allows the designer to express himself at his best in the design phase with careful choices. Today, thanks to the use of laser scanners and drones, metric, photographic and thermographic information are provided in 3D and the designer is allowed to work directly on the structure in his studio, having the shape, dimensions, materials and any critical situations available (injuries , unhealthy situations, etc.).


In architecture, the survey with laser scanner, drone photogrammetry and lidar represents the perfect way to digitize the work through software such as Revit, which allows the return of a precise BIM for the modeling of all the construction information and allows you to trace the planning. , the construction and management of buildings through the use of suitable software. Thanks to the high acquisition speed and the considerable amount of information collected, the laser scanner used in architecture represents the most accurate method for surveying a structure, especially if it is complex. With the cloud of collection points and thanks to dedicated software, it is possible to obtain 2D drawings such as plans and elevations, but also all the sections that are needed from 3D with consequent detailed evaluation of all the fundamental elements for renovation and / or maintenance interventions, but also for the control of the realization of the project in progress and new constructions. Each 3D elaborate contains a very high number of information relating to every single object, detail or portion, which can be drawn on at any time without the need to return to the field. We carry out surveys of any type of building aimed at accessing the 110% Bonus.


The survey with laser scanner is essential to obtain detailed geometric and architectural surveys, as well as graphic and photographic support, essential for the study of materials, decay and instability, preliminary to the maintenance and restoration of cultural heritage. To limit the risk situations related to cultural heritage in its context, it is nowadays essential to carry out very high definition surveys, obtainable only with the use of hardware and software specific to the digitization of the site and above all of the asset. The surveys carried out in the field and the subsequent study processing of the collected data make it possible to provide graphic (3D and 2D) and photographic support, thus allowing the control of the detected asset, which is the basis of the study activity to which it must necessarily be subjected. good. Thanks to our instrumentation, which allows both aerial and terrestrial surveys, we create detailed representations in 3D and 2D, essential support for any study, restoration and maintenance. The conservation and protection of cultural heritage must be considered as an inheritance and is also an obligation under art. 9 of the Italian Constitution: “The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research. It protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the nation “.

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